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Our Investigators

Pediatrician Investigator for all pediatric studies at TOPAZ Clinical Research. Our Investigator has a range of research experience working with newborns to young adults.


Internal Medicine Investigator has several private practices in Central Florida and clinical research experience in CNS and Psychiatric studies. Clinical experience in various therapeutic areas including dermatology, weight loss and medical marijuana.  

Gynecologist Investigator has private practice and research experience in Women Health studies.  Clinical experience includes Laproscopic and Robotic surgery, dermatology and aesthetics.  


Emergency Medicine Investigator has over seven years in Clinical Research experience in various therapeutic areas with an emphasis in CNS trials.

Dental Surgery Investigator has a private practice with over 20+ years of experience in the industry.  

Sub- Investigators- Family Nurse Practitioners with years of experience in all phases of research. In addition, we have an extensive  database of experienced Medical Physicians with a broad range of specialties that can fill the need of any therapeutic area.

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