Helping Advance Medical Care for Everyone

TOPAZ Clinical Research in Apopka, FL is helping to assist in the development of new medicines, treatments, and devices for medical conditions that affect us and our loved ones daily. By providing the members of our community the opportunity to participate in clinical research studies we are providing them with hope, control, and the advancement to scientific contributions. All Studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies so there is never a cost to you for any study-related procedures or products. Join us today and help us to advance medical science and the development of better medical treatments for patients everywhere.

Free memory screenings to 50+ yrs

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All of our studies that are open for enrollment have been conducted on humans in previous phases, and are safe for potential participants to enroll today. 

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Did you Know? 

Refer a friend, and you could receive $50!

If you refer a new participant to our facility, and they complete a study, you will receive $50! Refer 5 or more new participants to the facility that complete a study and you will receive the $50 per person and a $200 bonus!

Make sure the person(s) you refer fills out the referral form and brings it with them to their screening appointment so we know who referred them!

Mission Statement 

TOPAZ Clinical Research, providing education and resources to the community while building a network of like-minded, dedicated individuals with a passion for Clinical Research. Our mission is to grow and be successful while continuously upholding our values of honesty and integrity. For the future of our community, research, and advancements in healthcare, TOPAZ Clinical Research will always strive to do better today and be better tomorrow.